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Mission Statement

Mission Springs Outdoor Education utilizes hands-on science and team-building activities, to foster positive students relationships and to promote good stewardship of the environment.

Program Location and Experience

Mission Springs Camp & Conference Center, located in a small redwood canyon just north of Santa Cruz, has offered an outdoor education program since 1978. The outdoor classroom at Mission Springs consists of 200+ acres of redwoods, mixed evergreen, and chaparral ecosystems. Approximately 4,500 public and private school students attend our program every year, with a school return rate of over 90%. We serve schools from all over Northern California, and we welcome the opportunity to be a part of your students’ outdoor education.

California Science Standards & NGSS

Our outdoor classes and field trips have been designed to teach students about natural science while building positive social skills through facilitating team-building activities. We have tailored our curriculum to support the California Science Standards for 4th–6th grade.

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