Chaperone Info

Greetings from the redwoods of Mission Springs! Thanks for your willingness to serve as a chaperone for your school. You are a valuable part of the students’ outdoor education experience, and we appreciate the sacrifice you are making to spend a few days with us.

One thing you should know is that your time spent here will involve a lot of hiking. Most of our classes are trail- based and therefore involve hiking. The majority of our trails involve uphill hiking, including areas with steps. Most days will involve 2-3 hikes each day, traveling up to a couple of miles on each hike. We strongly suggest that you exercise regularly during the month previous to your trip.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

  • Your Role and Responsibility

    Your main role and responsibility is to supervise students while at Mission Springs. You will be the primary supervisor during the following times:

    • Line-ups – occur before each activity
    • Meals – you will be expected to sit with and assist the students each meal
    • Flat on bunk times – 50-minute rest period after lunch
    • Evening programs
    • During the night in cabins
    • Other times assigned by your school’s teacher
  • Chaperone Expectations

    For the trip to run smoothly, we want to let you know of expectations that we have for you as a chaperone:

    • Assist students during the move-in and move-out process
    • Join a hiking group as assigned by the teacher and assist with the supervision, discipline, and safety of the group
    • Use good judgment regarding student safety, including while the students are in their cabins
    • Gently enforce Mission Springs’ guidelines and behavioral policies. We will go over these soon after you arrive
    • Be a good role model with a positive attitude. The students will imitate your behavior and attitude. If you have a complaint, please talk to your school’s teacher or the Director of Outdoor Education in private
    • Have fun and learn along with the students!
  • Packing List
    • Warm, durable clothing and water-resistant close-toed shoes
    • Bedding – pillow, sheets, blankets, or sleeping bag
    • Bath towel and hand towel
    • Waterproof rain jacket
    • Toiletries – bath and hand soap, toothbrush, sunscreen, etc.
    • Reusable water bottle
    • Sun protection (hat, sunscreen)
    • Flashlight


    • Gloves
    • Laundry bag for dirty clothes
    • Cell phone (please do not use during class)
    • Camera, binoculars
    • Bathmat or towel for bathroom floor


    • Large amounts of money or expensive jewelry
    • Food or beverages
    • Knives or other weapons
    • Alcohol or tobacco products
    • Video games
    • Large electronics
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